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Training Drivers of Tomorrow

North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles requires that students age 14 ½ up to 18 years old complete 30 hours of classroom training behind-the-wheel training before they can obtain a driving license. Our program offers both types of training, and you can sign up for one option of both. We also believe that parents play a vital role in teen driver’s education, so once a student obtains a NC Learner’s Permit, we encourage parents to allow their teens to drive as often as possible.

Engaging Classroom Instruction

Throughout our sessions, we strive to keep classroom instruction fun and interesting to capture each student’s attention. Our instructors employ unique ways to help students remember the rules of the road and feel fully prepared for their driving test.

Diverse Driving Settings

In addition to classroom training, we provide behind-the-wheel driving sessions in a variety of settings and conditions. For most students, a combination of six hours behind-the-wheel instruction, coupled with driving with parents yields ample training for students to feel confident behind the wheel. If you feel more instruction is needed, we can provide additional settings at an hourly fee.

Convenient Services

Driving sessions are typically scheduled after school and on weekends. However, we can often work around obligations (such as student athletic commitments) when needed. For example, we can accommodate sessions in the morning before school.

Privacy Policy

We will not rent or sell your information into third parties outside of Drive!  Driving School without your consent.  Your information will be stored with Drive!  Driving School for 4 years upon completion of the course as required by the State of North Carolina.

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