Mooresville’s fast track to safe driving

Before You Begin

To avoid excess fees or problems when learning to drive, we recommend you review the following information. Also, note that each student requesting a NC learner’s permit or driver’s license must pass a vision test performed by the NC DMV.


566 Midway Lake Road, Mooresville, North Carolina

Snacks and Beverages

Students may bring a snack and beverage to class. Water will also be provided by Drive! Driving School. However, students will not be allowed to drink or eat during behind-the-wheel sessions.

Class Attendance

North Carolina state law requires that students under age 18 must attend 30 hours of classroom instruction. Thus, missed classes must be made up and completed during another session. If you need to reschedule a class, please contact us as soon as possible. If a student misses more than 10 hours of class instruction, he or she will be required to repeat the entire 30-hour portion of driver’s education.

NC Driver’s Permit

Drivers 18 years and older are not required to have a North Carolina learner’s permit before obtaining a license, but must have a permit before they can practice driving on the road. Likewise, teens must have a learner’s permit before driving with parents or guardians. To learn more about obtaining a permit, click here here.

Required Documents

Before applying for a permit or license, you will need to have certain documents in hand. For a permit, you will need two proofs of identification and residency (including a school transcript), your social security number, and a Driving Eligibility Certificate which proves you have completed classroom training. Multiple proofs of identification and residency are also required for adults over 18. For a full list of required documents, visit the NC Department of Transportation website.

Driver’s Eligibility Certificate

To obtain a required NC DMV Driver’s Eligibility Certificate (DPI Form 452) from our school, you must:

  • Be of age 14 ½ up to 18 years old
  • Submit a Drive! Driving School contract (including student rules and obligations)
  • Provide a valid birth certificate at time of enrollment
  • Complete 30 hours of certified drivers education classroom training
  • Demonstrate a minimum six hours of behind-the-wheel training (6 hours of observation also recommended by the State of North Carolina)